Shopping for air con? Ask yourself these questions first

How do I know what size AC I need?

A basic guide is as below.

The following wall split AC units can usually cool/heat the normal sized rooms beside them perfectly fine. 

This is not taking into consideration ceiling heights over 3m or large amounts of North /West facing windows or openings to other rooms

  • 2.5kw- Good for bedrooms/small Living rooms 4m x 5m max (20 sq M)
  • 3.5kw- Good for large bedrooms/small Living rooms (26 sq M) max
  • 4.2kw- Suited to large bedrooms, medium sized Living rooms (33 sq M) max
  • 5kw- Suited to rooms 38sq M max
  • 6kw- Suited to rooms 46 sq M max
  • 7kw- Suited to rooms 55 sq M max
  • 8kw- Suited to rooms 60 sq M max
  • 9kw- Suited to rooms 70sq M max