• How much does it cost to install a split system air conditioner?
    The cost of the installation depends on the procedure involved during the installation process. The basic installation of a split system air conditioner costs approx. $700 + GST, which includes electrical work.
  • What size air conditioner do I need?
    Check out our blog to find out which type of aircon would be perfect for your room/home.
  • Which aircon is best for my bedroom?
    Every bedroom would require a different aircon. Most bedrooms use a 2.5kw aircon. You can read our blog for detailed information. 
  • What is a split system air conditioner?
    A split system aircon system is one where there are two parts to the system, an internal and external system.
  • How many rooms can a split system cool?
    A wall-hung split system is generally designed to cool / heat just one room.
  • Are split systems pre-gassed?
    Yes, split systems are pre-gassed.
  • What is the difference between a split system and a package system air conditioner?
    Unlike split systems, which consist of two parts, a package system consists of just one big box. They are usually just fitted in very spacious places like an office space or an extremely large house.
  • Can an aircon heat the room in winter?
    Yes, an aircon can heat the room in winter too.
  • How much does it cost to get ducted air conditioning?
    A ducted air-conditioning system that is supplied and installed by us will cost somewhere around $8,000 to $12,000.
  • Which is better: split or ducted?
    This mainly depends on your home and your requirement, however, ducted air-conditioning systems look better, though they are more expensive than split air conditioning systems.
  • How often should you service ducted air conditioners?
    It is recommended to service ducted air conditioners annually.
  • How do I clean the unit which is kept outside?
    It is best to get a trained technician to handle the cleaning of the external unit and it should be done annually.
  • Is it OK to spray water on your air conditioner?
    You can only spray water on the external surface to clean the aircon.
  • What is an inverter?
    An inverter in an aircon is the technology of being able to change the speed of the compressor motor to adjust the temperature. Nowadays, most split systems are inverter-type split systems.
  • Is the installation a part of the purchase?
    No, the installation is not part of the purchase.
  • Do you have finance options on purchases?
    At this stage, we do not provide any financing options.